Right 2 Survive

We are community organization raising awareness of problems facing houseless persons in our community, ranging from affordable housing, racial oppression, sexism, and other obstacles keeping people houseless.  Though public education and direct actions, we are helping to reduce houselessness in Portland by increasing public understanding on what it is to be houseless, how everyday people become houseless, and how we can best help and support those seeking a way out of houselessnes. We invite you to learn who we are and what we do. We invite you to become involved in our mission. We welcome you, no matter who you are, or your current situation.

Right 2 Survive Radio

KBOO 90.7 FM

Recorded Live October 12, 2016
*Portland police assaulted local residents who came to City Hall to protest the Police Union contract. Right 2 Survive was there, and reports on what happened.
Oregon Homeless Bill of Rights


Right 2 Survive holds membership meetings on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of every month. If you would like to become involved in our mission, or just want to stop by and say hi, you are welcome to attend. The meetings are held twice a month at Sisters of the Road.
We love visitors and provide refreshments when we can. Please come and share your thoughts and opinions with us. If you have an item you would like added to our meeting agenda, please email us at r2spdx@gmail.com
General Meeting:

Thursday, January 12th at 5:00 pm

Sisters of the Road Cafe
133 NW 6th Ave
Portland, OR 97209

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